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Investigating the breach of a non-competition clause

A breach of a non-competition clause often occurs when an employee leaves his former employer. The concluded employment contract of your former employee includes an article concerning the competition clause. The last thing you want is have your employee share all the knowledge and skills he has acquired during his employment at your company with the competition. This would not only cost you a lot of money, you would eventually lose clients as well. Moreover, as a company you have probably financially invested in this person to improve his or her set of skills., which would only make the situation even worse when he or she starts working at the competition, thereby violating the non-competition clause. It would be in your best interest to fight this, however, you would have to prove the violation. This means an investigation on the breach of a non-competition clause is needed and that is exactly where we come in. As company detectives we are experienced in this matter, so you don’t have to worry about anything.