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Litigation - Lawyers

Tracking essential facts for a strategy in litigation:

External Lawyers that are involved in litigation, mediation and interventions, and those considering legal action, need information on every level. The multidisciplinary tracking and investigative capabilities of Detectives Consult are grouped together and well-managed. They can decrease litigation costs by providing information in order to determine whether litigation is justified and, if so, execute it in an efficient and effective way.

The Detectives Consult investigators can help you with:

  • Determining whether there are sufficient facts to support the claims
  • Determining whether the counterparties have sufficient means to justify the costs of litigation
  • Identifying, localizing and interrogating sources that can provide crucial information
  • Specifying the extent of the findings
  • Discovering useful facts concerning witnesses for the prosecution
  • Determining the strategic goals and financial interest of the counterparty

The ample gathering of information by Detectives Consult can help companies and legal strategists to decide on summoning, prosecuting or opting for an alternative solution to the conflict, and whether or not a mediation can be negotiated and to what extent.