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Types of investigations for private persons

alt="Private Detective Belgium - Infidelity"

Divorces, infidelity...

Divorces, infidelity, adultery, alimony, visiting right, illegal work, kidnapping, … a plague of all times.

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alt="Private Detective Belgium - private investigations"

Investigation methods..

Gathering evidence or determining facts that either cause or could cause conflicts between people or either could be used to end those conflicts.

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alt="Private Detective Belgium - Double life"

Double life of your partner..

Both the subjects ‘partner’s double life’ and ‘investigating infidelity’ are part of a largely talked about study field.

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alt="Private Investigator - Belgium - Stalking"


Not many people realise that offline or online stalking can mean a serious intrusion into someone’s private life or privacy.

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alt="Private Detective Belgium - tracking debtors"

Tracking debtors/people..

Are you involved with a debtor you haven’t heard of in a while? No reply on your phone calls or letters?

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