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Whenever we investigate serious stalking, we bounce up against major cases. Not many people realise that offline or online stalking can mean a serious intrusion into someone’s private life or privacy.

In some cases stalking can reach even higher levels, for instance when the stalker targets the employer of the victim as well. As a result the victim often faces even more trouble.

Prior to the investigation, we provide you with the necessary information concerning the whole process of a stalking investigation, from the start to the end, including the stalking claim with the police. We make sure you understand what is possible and also what is not possible during the offline and online investigation of stalking. We want to be honest and open towards our clients and do not want to offer them false hope. This is beneficial for the whole process. Tracking down your stalker and finding him, that’s what we want!


Are you currently being harassed by a stalker in such a way your private life and privacy are being disrupted? Please do not wait any longer and give us a call so we can arrange a first meeting. We will make the difference!