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Investigating the double life of your partner

Both the subjects ‘partner’s double life’ and ‘investigating infidelity’ are part of a largely talked about study field. A double life can concern a private relationship where one of both partners is suspected to have a double life (partner’s double life). We often see that the investigated partner either has been leading a second life for quite some time, or either has been cheating on a regular basis. This could of course emotionally disrupt the life of the other partner in a profound way and could possibly disturb the everyday life of this person. As a private detective we could investigate your presumptions on infidelity or a second life.


We often see that clients have been suspicious of their partner’s behaviour for an extended period and that they eventually want to have some answers regarding that behaviour. As a result, a long-standing relationship, in which children might be involved, might be under heavy pressure. For many clients, the infidelity or double life first needs to be proven, and only then they will decide to permanently end the relationship. Given the family’s disruption and the emotional involvement of the client, investigating infidelity is a very serious matter. As business and private detective, we therefore consider the subject of infidelity very serious.


Recognising the signs of a double life might seem quite adventurous, however, it is a very serious problem. Have you been experiencing a hunch for some time now? Don’t ignore it and contact us. We will provide you with advice on the possibilities for starting an investigation on infidelity and will offer you our services, while safeguarding your privacy.