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Overview of our services

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Investigations for private persons

Divorce, infidelity, adultery, alimony, visiting right, illegal work, kidnapping, … a plague of all times.

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Investigations for corporations

Unsatisfied employees, vengeful employees or ex-employees, ruthless competitors and distributors generate problems that ask for professional and discrete investigation at the same time.

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alt="Private Detective Belgium - Insurance investigations"

Investigations for insurances

Insurance fraud means unlawful usage of an insurance policy by means of fraudulent intent.

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Investigations of quality

Detectives Consult takes care of discrete investigations for businesses and shops by sending out licensed anonymous mystery guests or shoppers for your industry.

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We can help you

We help clients identify and manage risk, evaluate private and commercial matters and formulate strategies to address a wide variety of events, all by combining information gathering, research and analysis with our unique years of experience and knowledge.

Detectives Consult has put together an external group of employees, both female and male employees with a unique mix of talent and experience, professionals with a significant background in detection techniques, crisis management and prevention.

These services are all supported by an advanced technological assistance system.

A network of dedicated and specialized partners and agencies.